Back in times, bingo acted as a reward system for people to win cash and certain prizes. It was very popular in Europe and used to known by the names like ‘Housey Housey’ and ‘Tambola’. bingo was one of the most favorite free time activities of a lot of people. Among Germans, bingo was also used as a teaching mechanism. Primary grade students were taught calculations, spelling and history using bingo. In the U.S., the game was commonly known as “Beano”. The game was also being played in churches to raise charity. This of course, helped to raise the popularity of game.

After years of extreme popularity, bingo finally got its name from Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman.


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Online Bingo

As it is one of the most widely played games worldwide, it is obvious that there exists a huge market for online bingo. Combine a super fun game, and the ability to play it from the comfort of your home, then you have the answer to the question why online bingo is so popular today.

So, in this age, you don’t have to go to bingo halls, as you can easily access the game online and play it as long as you want. There are lots of online casinos where you can play bingo online and have some fun enjoying the game and sometimes exciting bonuses&rewards. Some of this sites will be briefly mentioned in the rest of the article.

Best Bingo Sites

As we told before, bingo is one of the most popular casino games online, and there are a lot of websites that enable you to play bingo online and have lots of fun. Some of the most famous sites to play bingo online are the following:

  • Amigo: Has 90 balls or 70 balls, many bonus options and payment methods. Tournaments every saturday and sunday.
  • Bingo Spirit: One of the oldest and most established sites out there.
  • Bingo Belly: A massive selection of 75 balls, chat games and slot games.
  • Bingo Hall: This site has the 75 ball version of the game, and more than 300 forms. This website is known for its diversity and a lot of options to play online bingo.
  • Cyber Bingo: One of the oldest USA websites that offers players many bonuses and promotions.
  • Moon: A very famous online bingo site offering a lot of entertainment to everyone who plays on it.

Online Bingo Tips

Bingo is a game of luck after all. But with some common tips, it is entirely possible for you to increase your chances. Below are some of the tips which will definitely help you at Bingo. So we advise you to read them carefully and apply them when necessary.

  • Play Bingo When There Are Few Online Players

This is pure mathematics actually; so it should not need lots of explanation. If you play bingo with fewer players, your chances will automatically raise. And unlike games like slots, the pot will not raise with more players in bingo, so playing with fewer people would be the logical thing to do.

  • Set Yourself a Limit

This one is quite important. As we said before, bingo is, essentially, a game of luck and that means -unfortunately- no matter how lucky or good you think you are, you will definitely be loosing at some point. Start by keeping this in mind, and always set yourself a limit and try never to pass that. Remember, if you are unlucky, maybe it is better to let it go and come back another time!

  • Play With More Than One Bingo Card

It is a common bingo strategy, and this one also relies on mathematics. To put it simple, when you buy more bingo cards, your chances of winning automatically raise. So you should definitely try this strategy -if you haven’t before!- at least once, but keep in mind that playing with too many cards and checking them continuously can sometimes make it seem like it is a job, rather than a game, and that might take the fun out of it. So try to keep it as basic as you can, after all it is a game and we play it for fun!

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