Keno is known by many today as a popular game offered by modern casinos. However, it has been in existence long before now.

Although the name has roots in either Latin or French, the game was originally created in China. There are even a couple of legends around the game which has helped its spread and popularity, both within and outside the Chinese landscape.


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One of such legends is that the invention of the game was instrumental to the stoppage of a war. Another legend claims that the widespread playing and acceptance of the game helped raise funds which were committed to building the great wall of China.

Looking at history sheets, the Chinese didn’t have any known documents of lotteries till the year 1847. Being a lottery-based game itself, keno must have been in existence before then. That easily makes its one of the longest surviving games of all time.

Keno became a feature in the west when Chinese immigrants introduced it to that part of the world. On getting to the west, it got its current name – keno.

By the end of the 19th century, keno had already developed to become a western phenomenon. In fact, it became a widely popular lottery game in Texas.

Online Keno

With the digital age came the adaptation of many games to suit the online scape. One of such games is Keno, and this has contributed to its popularity. You can now play keno online in a variety of modern keno casinos, or other casinos where the game is offered as an option.

The fact is that keno has always been a favorite among casino goers. Now that it is possible to play keno online, more players are now going in for the fun it provides. More than fun though, what you get from online keno is unlike the offline form. For starters:

  • Online keno improves your chances of winning:

One of the biggest problems of keno was that it limited players to single cards, dampening the chances of winning. Some of the best online keno casinos out there today have addressed this issue by allowing players to hold multiple cards. This helps to maximize their luck and even rake in multiple winnings when eligible.

  • You can play faster at an online keno casino:

When you want to play keno at all, picking the numbers can be a daunting task. Another feature which makes online keno casinos appealing is thus the quick pick model. When used, it allows a player get randomly-generated numbers selected to fill the spaces on their ticket(s).

  • Playing keno online is convenient:

Imagine the ease of being able to log into your favorite online keno casino from the comfort of your bed. That also includes the ease of selecting numbers at your own pace, taking advantage of all online features and so much more.

If you’re good at it, you can rake in a good amount of money without even having to leave your house. Who doesn’t like such comfort?

Best Keno Sites

If you look around, you will soon find out that there are a lot of online casinos out there promising to let you play keno with the best experience. Of course, not all of them will keep to this promise.

So that you don’t leave with a bad experience on your online keno adventure, here are some of the sites you should totally check out:

  • Betway Casino

The first on this list is the Betway casino, and for a number of reasons.

To start with, they offer players a huge bonus on wins. That is only bettered by the various welcome bonuses which have been made easy enough to attain for the beginner.

They also support fast payouts, taking 1 – 3 days at the max. With a win rate of 97.55% on the platform, your chances of winning are fair enough.

  • SpinPalace

SpinPalace is only behind Betway casino for the way it handles beginners. Not poor, but not as extensive as the above casino.

Once you look past that, though, you would totally enjoy the 97.59% win rate. Coupled with a similar pay-out rate, a wide range of deposit methods and over 655 high quality games to choose from, you surely get the best picks of the bunch here.

  • Jackpot City

Jackpot City has a Mega Moolah Jackpot plan in place for those who are feeling lucky, and would love to win big. They also list more than 630+ games with their online keno offering.

To safeguard your funds, they have introduced very secure banking options into their mode of operation. Guaranteeing an even higher 98.1% win rate, they give you a competitive platform with more than a fair chance.

Online Keno Tips

One big mistake many players make is think that playing keno is down to their skills only. You might have been able to identify certain trends over time, but winning, at the end, boils down to luck.

That does not mean you can’t increase your chances though. Some of the recommended ways to make that happen are:

  • Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!

A good online keno casino would have a dedicated section to brief the player about the game. Take your time to read through everything and get a good grasp of the terms involved.

Before you start playing live keno games, try out the demo version on your preferred online casino first. You can perfect your moves from there before going for the real deal.

  • Use multi-race cards:

Multi-race cards allow you to populate your cards with favorite numbers without having to choose them over and over again. This might look like a small addition. Considering how it reduces fatigue from picking numbers time and again, you have the advantage of staying alert for the rest of the game.

  • Get a sense of the odds:

Usually, when playing the game of keno, you get to pick anywhere between 1 – 15 spots. This should not necessarily mean you must pick the maximum number of spots each time you play. Before placing your bet, learn to factor the odds.

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