Nobody actually has an idea about the origination of the game Poker. Large sections of the people have decided that it is formulated by a collection of several prior games. In its first recorded history, Jonathan H. Green observed the game being played on a Mississippi riverboat and felt attracted. According to him, the game was being played by two to four people and with only 20 cards. Researchers were curious about the derivation of the name “Poker” and glanced into other games to know if there was any game whose name sounded similar to it. They came to know about a French game named “Poque”, a German game that includes a distinct amount of tricking termed “Pochspiel” and there is a hint that the word might be derived from a Hindi term “Pukka”.


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Poker is a genre of card games associating betting and self-ruling play through which the winner is ascertained by the ranks and mixture of their cards, some of which continue secret till the end of the game. This game alters in the number of cards handled, the number of distributed or “community” cards and the number of cards that keep in secret. The betting process differs amidst varied poker games in such ways as betting verges and pulls apart the pot between a high hand and a low hand. Now-a-days, poker is the most favorite game and one of the most crowd-pleasing games across the globe. In accordance with some surveys, above 100 million people in the world get entertained playing poker on a regular basis.

Online Poker

This is the era of virtual technology. Almost everything that we use to find available physically is now available on virtual space. Though playing online poker is trending these days, it was introduced to the world long ago, specifically in the year of 1998. You would come across many variations of online poker. All these varieties have their own unique features. For example, the most popular online poker game is Texas Hold’em.

Though today massively popular, online poker did not receive the desired response at the beginning. In 1998, just after its launch, it hardly went popular among the masses. Gradually, it turns out to be popular though. In 1999, a group of Canadian gamers had launched Paradise Poker and this was noted as the beginning of the most successful journey of online poker. According to the reports, Paradise poker did business that worth $950 annually. As soon as it became successful initiative, many other initiatives were taken to launch online poker.

At the initial phase of the launch of online poker, graphics was not satisfactory. Technology was in a budding stage at that time. Moreover, dial up internet connection used to give low internet speed. Nowadays, these problems have been omitted. Gamers can enjoy more engaging as well as enjoyable gaming sessions. With the advent of time online based poker tournaments have arrived. Now, people can enjoy playing poker right at their home. Excellent graphics, interactive gaming sessions and interesting rules will provide real time poker experience to the users. Even many people prefer online poker than traditional poker at the casinos or clubs.

Best Poker Sites

Playing poker online is enjoyable. But, you need to find a trusted platform for playing the game. So, here is a brief guide to the best poker websites for you:

  1. 888 Poker: Launched in 1997, 888 Poker is one of the oldest and most trusted online poker platforms. Those who are playing online poker have definitely come across the name of this website at least once.
  2. Tiger Gaming Poker: Launched in 1999, this platform has a fast cash out process. Several banking options are also available. Also, Tiger Gaming is highly trusted as a gaming platform.
  3. PokerStars: Having over 200,000 registered players, this game is poised with excellent visuals and interesting rules. This is the first website that has launched Smartphone application for online poker players.
  4. Party Poker: This is another worth-to-look-at platform for playing online poker. It comes with a good number of users. Started in 2001, Party Poker is quite popular and well-trusted.

Online Poker Tips

In order to have better chances and more fun playing online poker, you can follow a couple of handful tips, especially if you are a beginner. Although poker is a very rich game with lots of tips and tricks, the following points should provide a good starting point for beginners:

  • Start with low stakes poker: This should not come as a surprise in any way. You might know the rules of the game, but, especially as a beginner, there is a ton of stuff you don’t know about poker, so you better keep it safe by playing low stake games at first, and get lots of experience.
  • Do not multi table at first: Multi tabling, an aspect of online poker that separates it from classic casino poker, certainly sounds fun, but jumping from table to table will definitely divert your attention and you might miss lots of details -about the game, or other players- that will help you win. So start by playing in a single table first.
  • Minimize the distractions: Poker may seem like a nice way to have fun, but never forget it takes focus to get good on the game. In order to keep your head on the table and the cards get better results, try to minimize all kinds of distractions when you are playing.
  • Be Prepared for long sessions: Playing poker online can involve long sessions of playing. Thus, you need to be prepared for it. You should keep your drinks and snacks ready when enjoying poker online.
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